You Have Power

A short piece on motivation that sprang to mind. It’s about finding the strength of reason to do good, and finding it from looking straight at the bad; use the badness to pull strength from.

You really do.

We don’t want to think about it most of the time, but there’s a lot of ugly things in this world.

There are people beating each other in relationships, in families, friends trying to help those victims, children starving and being forced to grow up faster than they should.

With all of this pain, no one is coming to save you. No one can save you. Nobody is coming to save any individual.

But this is exactly why you have power.

If people are hurting each other all over the world, and nobody is doing anything about it on a large scale (I’m talking global, intensive efforts), then what’s to stop you from being kind to the people you meet, from pouring your efforts into studying and working and learning and exploring and learning?

There’s no single entity that swoops in and stops a partner from hurting another in relationships that are supposed to be based on trust and intimacy.

There’s nobody out there to step in and prevent people from maliciously manipulating each other, lying to each other and stealing from each other.

So what or who is going to stop you from saying “I’m going to the gym,” or “I’m going to provide a service or do something I think the people around me would like to see or have.”

There’s no reason you can’t send an email to someone you admire. Hell, that’s creating some good in the world. You’re expressing good feelings, spreading the love.

People are hurting each other, forgoing human decency and common sense and respect.

There’s absolutely no reason to be ashamed or scared of trying to create a little more good in the world, of spreading cheer and kindness. There’s no reason to be afraid or reluctant to improve yourself, do more things, and work towards what you want.

You don’t need permission to go out and try to do good, not when there are people out there doing harm, disregarding permission, rights, and respect entirely.

We don’t like to think about all these bad things in the world, but they exist. And you can use the thought of them to motivate you, to push you further in what you do, and be confident in your motivations for doing.

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