We Don’t Have Plot Armor

Plot armor. The main character of a story needs to remain in the story, alive and well. Otherwise, the story isn’t… well, a story. Not about the original character, anyway. Point is, plot armor is a device found in fiction, and not real life. I’d say ‘unfortunately’, but we’re trying to work with reality here, not complaining about what isn’t. So no plot armor for us, no point in complaining about it, might as well face the music.

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Using Sleep & Mood to Gauge Sleep Requirements & Energy Cycles

Sounds a little redundant, but has been an enormously useful mental heuristic for me. Being able to adjust my mental estimate of how much sleep I currently need based on that just the previous night’s sleep and the current morning’s awakening lets me know how to plan the next night or two of sleep. It’s an important tool in my efforts to remain on-track to goals and staying on top of things.

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A Simple Home Bodyweight Workout

In light of being back to writing on a blog, I wanted to share one of the things I give the most credit to in helping me perform better this semester (Jan-May 2015): a simple bodyweight workout I did near daily. Doing this was short and simple enough I could do it every day, at home, and with minimal equipment or starting cost. That meant I had little excuse to skip out. In turn, I ended up with a slightly better body, better confidence (corny doesn’t make it not true!), and also more energy. 

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Defusing Junk Cravings

I stumbled across something very welcome today: a neat trick for overcoming impulses to put junk into my life. Driving past a Taco Bell on my way to work, the urge for a wonderful and sweet Starburst slushie overtook me; it was strong enough that I almost pulled into the plaza then and there. But, something just clicked in my mind, and I drove past without succumbing. What happened?

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