“I feel” vs. “I am”

Many of us who have had even a brief introduction to meditation, secular or especially related to Buddhism, have also heard the concept of separating what one feels from who one is: “I am happy/angry/sad,” versus “I feel happy/angry/sad.” It always seemed somewhat woo-woo to me, even though I had experienced it for myself. Today, though, a potential reason struck me; I want to explain as best I can with my limited knowledge of psychology. Warning: armchair psychology ahead – for discussion purposes only.

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Joining the Greats of History

Last time, we touched on how it might not be possible to become one of the many great people in history. I promised to return with thoughts on how to do so, if the determination is there. So, how do we develop the bone-deep conviction required to stand up for yourself in the face of the jeering masses, the criticisms of the powerful, and the persecution that underlies it all?

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The Backs of History’s People

Something that occurred to me after reading about Tesla, Socrates, and Roman history for a class. The advance of civilization, invention, and innovation is credited to all those who pushed forward, cried and bled and wondered and sweat to make their ideas a reality. History applauds them. History also notes that they were far from applauded during their time. On the bodies and minds of these people, is paved the road of advancing civilization.

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We Don’t Have Plot Armor

Plot armor. The main character of a story needs to remain in the story, alive and well. Otherwise, the story isn’t… well, a story. Not about the original character, anyway. Point is, plot armor is a device found in fiction, and not real life. I’d say ‘unfortunately’, but we’re trying to work with reality here, not complaining about what isn’t. So no plot armor for us, no point in complaining about it, might as well face the music.

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