A Simple Home Bodyweight Workout

In light of being back to writing on a blog, I wanted to share one of the things I give the most credit to in helping me perform better this semester (Jan-May 2015): a simple bodyweight workout I did near daily.¬†Doing this was short and simple enough I could do it every day, at home, and with minimal equipment or starting cost. That meant I had little excuse to skip out. In turn, I ended up with a slightly better body, better confidence (corny doesn’t make it not true!), and also more energy.¬†

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Defusing Junk Cravings

I stumbled across something very welcome today: a neat trick for overcoming impulses to put junk into my life. Driving past a Taco Bell on my way to work, the urge for a wonderful and sweet Starburst slushie overtook me; it was strong enough that I almost pulled into the plaza then and there. But, something just clicked in my mind, and I drove past without succumbing. What happened?

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