Hi, I’m Huan


Nice to meet you! I’m Huan, like Han Solo – except I wish I had a Millennium Falcon.

You’ll usually find me:

  • studying (engineering at CU Boulder) or working (currently tech support at NCAR)
  • lost in a book
  • writing for the blog
  • at the gym (currently mostly strength, some hypertrophy, and a little cardio)
  • playing tennis
  • doing fun things with friends (lately, we’ve been into sushi and Pokemon Go)
  • or nerding out about productivity stuff like Evernote and spreadsheets and Trello and new shiny tools.

If your interests run along the same lines and you want to compare notes or you have a question I can help you out with (even in general), feel more than free to email me (huan at huanmnguyen dot com) or leave a comment on the blog.