Hi, I’m Huan








Nice to meet you! I’m Huan, like Han Solo – except I wish I had a Millennium Falcon.

You’ll usually find me:

  • studying (electrical engineering at CU Boulder) or working
  • having fun with friends or working together
  • at the gym (currently mostly strength, some hypertrophy, and a little cardio)
  • lost in a book
  • or writing (ex: the blog)

If your interests run along the same lines and you want to compare notes or you have a question I can help you out with (even in general), feel free to email me (huan dot nguyen 94 at gmail dot com, no spaces) or leave a comment on the blog.

My Work


  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller interface to drive a robot and control a gripper/claw arm, using Arduino, with two other group members. I wrote the code and report for this project. Report here.
  • Reaction timer with accuracy up to one-hundredth of a second, using the Altera DE0 and written in Verilog, with another group member. I wrote the code and report for this project. Report here.




Awareness is one of the most important qualities that can be cultivated. If I could go back and give one piece of advice to my younger self, it would be to develop awareness.

The Lessons of History by Will & Ariel Durant (3.5k words of notes!)

The Lessons of History is a short edition, about a hundred pages, written by Will and Ariel Durant – a couple who were both historians in their time, and presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their lifetime’s work. This one is one of their last publications, carries the weight of their fifty-plus years …


Note: I recommend viewing the epub or mobi formats; the pdf is a roughly converted version of the original mobi and was created for the sake of convenience. The ebook files will look much better. You can find some epub readers with Google, or mobi readers (or put the mobi files on your Kindle).



Catalyst (March 2016) — A compilation of unpublished blog posts written and edited throughout 2014 and 2015. Reading these still reminds me of lessons learned, and even sparks new epiphanies for me, and I hope they do the same for you, hence the title ‘Catalyst’. It is available in epub, mobi, and pdf formats (click the format name to download).





Standing Still In A Moving World (April 2014) — A free collection of short stories about moving forward, in epub, mobi, and pdf formats (click the format name to download).






Unbalanced Memories

Unbalanced Memories (December 2015) — A second, free collection of short stories portraying the drama and confusion most of us have felt while in the early stages of learning about ourselves, others, and our relationships with them, in epub, mobi, and pdf formats (click the format name to download).